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      Nepalese Heart Foundation
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President :   Bikal Acharya :07918650073

Co-Ordinator:   Basu Lamichhane: 07557095387


Nepalese Heart Foundation UK was established in 2005 as a non profitable charity organisation.  The main objectives of this organisation is to educate awareness, give advice and help heart patients to rise fund when in needed. Nepalese Heart Foundation (NHF UK) also like to work with the relevant charity organisation in UK and as well as Nepal country.  Anybody can become a heart problem patient.  We experience Nepalese people are also suffering from heart disease in the communities. Therefore we urge, anybody can donate generously to save the life of heart disease patients. Your donation will help the organisation with a great support and maintain the objectives.

If you are thinking to help Nepalese Heart Foundation organization. Please you can contact by phone or write to us and one of our member will be happy to answer you.  NHF UK will appreciate your kind co-operation for generosity.

Your donation can save many lives and help to supply awareness to benefits the patients.  If you would like to donate NHF UK. Please fill in the details below:-

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