About Us

Mission Statement


Earth quake relief and support : An Earthquake measuring 7.8 on rector scale created massive disaster in Nepal. Thousands lost their life and around millions are left homeless. Thousand are forced to sleep on open air. We at “Nepalese Heart Foundation” is providing support and relief t the most needy in Nepal. We have allreaddy shipped 3.5 ton goods containing, cloths, tents, sleeping bags, water purifiers, blankets and stationary materials. These all goods are donated by generous Nepalese heart people living in the UK.

“NEPALI HEART FOUNDATION UK “ aiming to raise awareness, support, exchange and practice of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) within Nepalese and other communities and contributing in Coronary Heart Disease awareness and support programme endeavour in various capacity. The Organisation also would work in the area to improve the lifestyle, risks of cardiovascular disease within inter and intra communities in the world.


What we do

Recent advances in medical treatment for myocardial infarction (Heart Attack) have resulted in fewer patients dying in the acute stage of the illness. However, progress has been slower in improving functional recovery after MI. A large number of patients fail to return to work and normal functioning after myocardial infarction despite being physically well, and vocational disability remains one of the important negative consequences of MI. Furthermore, many patients do not attend rehabilitation programs after their MI even when such services are readily available and for those patients who do attend rehabilitation, a recent survey has found psychosocial issues are poorly addressed. Functional disability after MI is generally associated with higher levels of reported symptoms and lower levels of well-being. A recent follow-up study found only 44% of MI patients were free of chest pain symptoms after 4 years, and chest pain was associated with impaired quality of life and a failure to return to work.

Nepalese Heart Foundation would work together with patients with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) to support to go back to their normal life with physical, emotional and educational support programme.


Awareness Programme

Cardiovascular Disease is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the United Kingdom. African- Caribbean and South Asian People are five times more likely to develop Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) in young age.

Nepalese Heart Foundation would also focus on how community will be educated and would explore what are the best ways to do so. This is an essential for the patients’ long term health because those individuals from these communities are heavily engaged with everything in their social outgoings. From selected publications focusing on links between social support and physical health.

Nepalese Hear Foundation would do many awareness programme in the community. It would teach the community more about the risk factors e.g., smoking, Stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and so on.



Trustee chairman Uttma Amatya and Trustee Dhruba KC highlighted the journey of NHF UK since the establishment in 2005. There has been more than £10,000 funds raised through the initiations of 5 trustees. ECG monitoring machine was brought and handed over to a hospital in Kathmandu by Uttam Amatya. Time came for Trustees to realise that it was not possible to move forward the charity alone by trustees only, hence, decided to form an Executive Committee. Bikal Acharya was approached by trustees and Board of Trustees recommended and entrusted him to lead the executive committee so that charity could move forward in a direction pioneering with the right vision.


Road Map:

Future plan and road map was presented by Bikal Acharya. He shared his experiences of being heart patient himself and the reason for the publications of books which are aimed to provide factual information about coronary heart disease (CHD), prevention and management through emotional and psychological aspects.

Bikal presented three main activities for the first year:

  1. A bag full of information for an individual who has undergone heart attack or related CHD conditions, treatments and procedures. Where possible members of NHFUK will meet the individual and provide emotional support as well.
  2. To organise an awareness programme in three or more places around UK aiming Nepalese community. This will focus on information on CHD and long term management plans.
  3. To run a support group or a club for those who are suffering from CHD. This could be done on monthly basis or so.
  4. (Optional) to provide support and bridge the gap in technology and innovation in CHD to Nepalese cardiac institutions in Nepal.